Wulverblade Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

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What is Wulverblade?

Wulverblade is a hardcore side-scrolling beat ’em up that gets its gameplay mechanics from classic arcade games. Wulverblade takes place across eight different levels that gets its inspirations from historic events. Your goal is to help Britannia beat the Romans while playing as one of three main characters (who each have different stats). There is Caradoc, who is a balanced character, Guinevere, who is agile but not as powerful, and Brennus, who is powerful but not as agile. You can also team up with a friend to play two player local co-op.

Wulverblade is a beat ’em up style game, but the twist on it is that it is difficult! This is one thing that threw us off when first playing. We breezed through the first half of the first level and then a boss fight came along. We got floored, fast. Wulverblade takes skill and precision to preserve health and rage to progress through the level. This game is definitely NOT a button masher. You will need to watch for subliminal on-screen prompts to prepare to parry or dodge and retaliate.

Wulverblade is gorgeous and passionate. With its gory art style and immaculate voice acting, you will be enthralled with this from beginning to end. The only issue we have found with the game (several hours in and on level 3) is that the game can be a little too difficult at times. Some people might not find this a negative aspect. So this critique might be completely subjective!

Overall, Wulverblade is a fantastic game and anyone deserves a chance to give it a play through!

Score: 9/10