Volgarr the Viking Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

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What is Volgarr the Viking?

Volgarr the Viking is a game that returns you back to the “Golden Age of arcades”. Volgarr the Viking is simple to play, but honestly hard to master. There is tons of blood and a great soundtrack, what more do you need?

Honestly, I really enjoyed Volgarr the Viking. I died a lot, I mean, a lot. But the glory of this game is that everything happens in the same order, every time. This might sound boring but I actually found it very enjoyable. It had me calculating my moves carefully and making me think about what I did wrong this time. If you do die, unless you beat a boss, you will find yourself back at the beginning of the stage. With that said, Volgarr the Viking is difficult, very difficult. Unless you have collected armor pieces, one hit by an enemy will kill you and cause a reset. So, be very cautious.

Volgarr the Viking’s goal was to bring back the original gaming style and it succeeds in that precisely. Playing it made me think back on old classic games and made me want to play them again.

You can buy Volgarr the Viking for $9.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

Score: 7/10