Violett Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

What is Violett?

Violett is a round and rebellious teenage girl. She moves to an old house in the middle of nowhere and is forced away from everyone she knows and loves. She lives life bored day after day, but she can’t imagine the adventure she is about to take! The Switch has proven itself to be suited for point-and-click adventure games. Violett comes to the genre and brings a great fantastical art style with unique map designs. While playing, it gives a near Alice in Wonderland feel. With it being so abstract, it also struggles in the puzzle aspect of the game. The puzzles can seem obscure and complicated.

A main issue we found while playing Violett was even though the art and design was nice to look at, we found the puzzles and hidden items to be confusing. We found ourselves rapidly tapping around the screen to see what can be interacted with and what couldn’t be. The game luckily does give a hint system to the player, but we found ourselves abusing that feature.

There is something very interesting about Violett and its experiences as a whole, but sadly when it comes to the main components of the game, the game starts to fail.

Score: 5.5/10