Troll and I Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

What is Troll and I?

Troll and I is a game where you play as a kid named Otto and a troll. You can switch back and forth between controlling each character in combat and in puzzles. The game has crafting and puzzles and combat. It is alot like Breath of the Wild, except it isn’t….. at all.


What makes Troll and I so great?

Well, its a game. There is gameplay. So if you like games to burn time and money, this is for you.

What makes Troll and I NOT so great?

Here we go. The controls are buggy, the graphics are like they are from the PS2, the story tries so hard but just doesn’t land well at all. I am a guy who plays switch games handheld. I like the ability to go around the house and play my games, but it was absolutely unplayable in handheld mode. I’m sorry, but it just was not good. I spent the first 15 minutes stuck in the tutorial phase trying to find a boar by sniffing the ground.

My Conclusion

So what do I conclude. Look, I am not trying to run this game into the dirt. I am glad I got to try it, but it just really isn’t up to today’s standards. If this was an old classic getting reborn onto the switch, different story. But it isn’t. It is a newer game trying to port to the switch and it flops, miserably.


  • You can burn some time and enjoy it our of a comedic stand point


  • Controls are awful
  • Graphics are terrible
  • Glitchy, so glitchy
  • Story is sub par

His Score: 3/10