This Is the Police Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

What is This Is the Police?

This Is the Police is an strategy/adventure game that is set in a city that can never catch a break. You play as the Police Chief Jack Boyd where you will dive into a story of crime and intrigue. The gameplay mechanics consist of day-to-day simulations where you have to manage your Police Officers, sending them to handle crime scenes. You can also manage who shows up to work on what days and so on.

The narrative of the story takes place between shifts. The narrative is very strong and full of drama. The cut scenes are fantastic and the art style is very minimalistic.

Unfortunately, some of the story events can be challenging in a way, meaning you might not have your hand in the decision making process like you wish you could.

Overall, This Is the Police is a great narrative game with some fun gameplay mechanics. Some portions of the game feel more fleshed out than others but overall it is a fun game that feels great on the Switch.

Score: 7/10