The Jackbox Party Pack 4 Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

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What is Jackbox Party Pack 4?

Once again, Jackbox is back onto the Nintendo Switch! If you haven’t played a Jackbox Party Pack yet, let us explain how they work! Jackbox Party Pack’s come with a handful of mini games that host themselves on the Switch and players login using their phones. Each party pack comes with a unique selection of games created by the guys over at Jackbox. This party pack happens to be the 4th in the series. This one comes with: Monster Seeking Monster, Fibbage 3, Civic Doodle, Survive the Internet, and Bracketeering.

Fibbage 3 is the only returning game from other Jackbox games. Fibbage manages odd trivia and peoples ability to be creative with their answers to deceive other players. One player picks a topic and then everyone is prompted with a question. The goal is to come up with an answer to fool the other players to pick your answer instead of the real answer.

Survive the Internet is a new game. In this one, everyone will be given a prompt and you will see types of websites to comment on. Those comments will then be given to someone else to try to make them sound weird or silly by pairing them with a new prompt you made up. Example: if you are prompted with a video, you would write a comment on it. Then that comment and video is sent to someone else, and they have to create a title to make it interesting. This one was a big hit with this pack.

Monster Seeking Monster takes on the modern dating apps. Each person becomes a type of monster and will be associated with a type of power. You must interact with people to get to “date” them so you can figure out their power. You have the option to text other monsters to convince them to go on a date too. At the end of each round, everyone can make a choice and based on your answers, points are tallied. This game mode was definately the most uncomfortable and awkward game modes. I give props to Jackbox for trying something new, but we found it kind of awkward asking family members out on a date.

Bracketology is probably the easiest of all games in the pack. In beginning, everyone is given a specific prompt to provide an answer for. All the answers are paired up in a tournament bracket and the betting begins. As you progress through the bracket people will gain points and it is definitely very fast paced. The game is relatively easy and can be a ton of fun.

And lastly, another new game in the pack: Civic Doodle. This is another drawing game in Jackbox. You start with a random squiggle and 2 people will be given a short amount of time to try and draw things to go with it. At the end of each round, the winner will be chosen. Then that winners are will be the core piece for the next round. At the end of the game, you will have a masterpiece that is created by everyone in the game. This game is a lot of fun and is the highlight of the party pack in our opinion.

Overall, Jackbox Party Pack 4 isn’t the strongest party pack to date, but it definitely is still a lot of fun and you cannot go wrong with picking this one up.

Score: 8/10