The Bridge Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

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Now to the review!

What is The Bridge?

The Bridge is a logic puzzle game that combines the minds of M.C. Escher and Isaac Newton. You know, the pieces of art that make your brain hurt when you look at them? This game does that too. Your goal is to guide your character by rotating the puzzle to manipulate gravity and get him to the end goal.


What makes The Bridge so great?

This game uses a art style that is unique. Out of all the indie games we have been reviewing lately, this one’s style of art is unlike any other. Every single piece is hand drawn beautifully in black and white style. The game mechanics are simple, but hard to master. All you have to do is rotate the puzzle using the triggers on your joy-cons, and then steer your character, simple enough. But the game is relentless. You will find yourself scratching your head rather quickly in confusion.

What makes The Bridge NOT so great?

The main character whom you have to guide to point B in the puzzles, moves so slowly. I mean, the majority of the time I am groaning to myself because he is so slow. I can almost categorize this as a “relaxing” game except for the frustration from the puzzles. I guess if that is my biggest complaint about the game, then this should score well…

My Conclusion

So what do I conclude, I think The Bridge is a wonderfully unique game. It isn’t a brand new concept of a game (See Puzzle Blockle Review), but it definitely shows the heart and soul that the developer put into it. I love it when I pick up a game and I might not be terribly excited for it because of the genre or something (I’m not the biggest puzzle game fan, I use them as more of a waiting in the doctors office type game), but the developer blows me away with the amount of passion for the project that can be seen while playing it. That’s The Bridge, if you are looking for a pass time, or just something a little unique, give it a try!

  • Artstyle
  • Puzzle Difficulty


  • It’s Really Slow

Score: 7/10