Teslagrad Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

In Teslagrad, you play as a young boy where in the beginning of the game you have to evade captors and you stumble into an abandoned castle. Games with no dialogue can be difficult. The game must masterfully push you in the right direction with just the right amount of balance, not too much help but not too light of help. If it fails, this would leave the player frustrated and eventually not picking up the title anymore.

Teslagrad does a decent job at progressing you through the game. Your “success prompts” I like to call them, are discovering new abilities to be able to finally traverse new areas using the new abilities. I would call Teslagrad as a “Metroidvania” style game.

Teslgrad is a beautiful game. The music and art design is perfect and the desiginers deserve a raise! The lack of direction fits right in the sweet spot and you feel very rewarded when you finally figure out what to do next. A issue I came across is that the game can be very difficult! I found myself stuck on the first boss fight for longer than it should’ve been. It honestly even felt slightly “unfair” at times, but that is just the name of the game. Teslagrad isn’t meant to be a leisure stroll through the castle. You will have to retry areas multiple times, but like I said above, once you get it you will feel extremely rewarded.

Score: 7\8/10

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