Stick it to the Man Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

What is Stick it to the Man?

Stick it to the Man is an unusual and hilarious game.You play as Ray who, in a freak accident, gets a pink spaghetti arm stuck to his head. With this new arm, he is able to read peoples minds. This is where the majority of the humor comes in! While reading peoples thoughts, you will come across weird and hilarious things people are thinking.

To go along with the quirky humor of the game, the art style must match it. So, all of the art gives a cut-out appearance while each character is drawn in a unique style. The game can be quite difficult but since it is so enjoyable, the difficulty doesn’t seem to get in the way.

Overall, the visuals are nearly perfect with absolutely fantastic voice acting. The bizarre characters and lovely environments allow for an engrossing experience that builds a world around you.
The game is quite short, with only 10 chapters of puzzles, you will feel kind of left wanting more.

Score: 9/10

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