Spellspire Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

What is Spellspire?

Once again, 10tons has been at it, but this time with a different style of game. They usually focus on twin-stick shooter styles, but Spellspire is totally different. In Spellspire, you play as a wizard who is tasked with getting rid of monsters in the tower.

I was quite excited for this because I am a huge fan of the classic Bookworm game. Spellspire takes mechanics from that and adds RPG elements to it as well. It will challenge your vocabulary and as well as your speed!

Spellspire is a fun game to pick up and play casually while you’re waiting for things, but you might not find yourself picking it up on a daily basis. Since it is a “brain game”, long sessions might be difficult to withstand since there is a slight challenge to the game.

Overall, 10tons has brought another winner to the Switch and they have yet to disappoint. Spellspire is a great chance to train your vocabulary while defeating monsters. The touch screen mechanics are a nice touch (pun intended) and they work well within the game. But a downside to that, is that if you don’t use touchscreen, the game feels slightly off.

Score: 7/10

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