Sine Mora EX Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

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What is Sine Mora EX?

Sine Mora EX is a side scrolling shoot’ed up, but the big change is that time is a major factor of the gameplay. The game is also very stunning to look at and it plays quite smoothly.

This game really shines with the boss battles and it knows it. Instead of having to grind through endless waves of grunts, you find yourself encountering bosses quite often. The game is paced quite well. The game is also quite brutal. With a “bullet-hell” aspect of the game, you will find yourself having a hard time because the bosses love to fill the screen with lovely bullets.

With all the shine, there is some dull points. For example, sometimes it is hard to tell which parts are background and objects to avoid. There is also some awkward story line where it seems like they just want to through in some expletives to give it a more “mature” feel which was completely unnecessary.

The showcase of this game was obviously the visuals. Everything else within the game seems to be mediocrely executed.
Overall, this game is fun but I wouldn’t find myself recommending to any of my friends.

Score: 6/10