Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment For Nintendo Switch Review

Now I purchased the Shovel Knight collection for Nintendo Switch, but I will be splitting up all the campaigns into separate posts. So be on the watch for a upcoming Shovel Knight main campaign article.

What is Specter of Torment?

Specter of Torment is a prequel to the main story of Shovel Knight. The story is based upon Specter Knight, an adversary of the hero Shovel Knight. He is a servant to the Enchantress in a quest to recruit other knights to create the Order of No Quarter. He carries his scythe and has agility like no others.



What makes Specter of Torment so great?

This prequel takes the already great gameplay of Shovel Knight and twists it around making it also great but in a totally different way. Specter Knight can glide across the ground, climb up walls, and dash at enemies to stay afloat. If you have played Shovel Knight before you would know that his main movement ability/attack strategy is to jump up and fall down with his shovel first. But with Specter Knight, his movement mechanic allows you to dash quick towards enemies and bounce back up into the air. This allows some amazing, yet challenging puzzles throughout the campaign.

Specter of Torment also has a great campaign. It is not too long, nor too short. It keeps your attention and has a clear and obvious goal in mind. Collect skulls for power ups and beat each stage to recruit fellow knights, thats it. I have yet to beat the main Shovel Knight campaign but beating this prequel has really motivated me to do so.

My Conclusion

So what do I conclude. I say if you can afford it, go ahead and get the Shovel Knight Treasure Trove pack because it comes with 3 campaigns plus more down the road. But if you are look for an amazing retro style arcade game, pick up Specter of Torment, you will not be let down. I promise.


  • Great Controls
  • Lovely retro art style
  • Great Music
  • Great Campaign
  • Easy to pickup


  • Not much direction (though not a whole lot needed)
  • Can get a tad repetitive (not much though)

Score: 9/10


You can find the game here:

Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight Specter of Torment eShop


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