Semispheres Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

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Now to the review!

What is Semispheres?

Semispheres is a relaxing twin stick puzzle game. The goal is to solve the puzzle by navigating your little orb in each reality to the end portal. This puzzle, set to meditative music, and calming art style is the peak perfectness at a relaxing gameplay session on the Switch.


What makes Semispheres so great?

Semispheres is great because it says in the game description that it is a meditative puzzle game and it accomplishes that wonderfully. The puzzles aren’t too hard, the music isn’t too loud, and the art isn’t too bright. Everything it sets itself out to do, Semispheres accomplishes. The twin stick gameplay is fun to maneuver and the addition of power ups in the puzzles adds a nice feature.

What makes Semispheres NOT so great?

Over time, since this game is so relaxing, I find myself being slightly bored. But I do find myself picking this up before bed instead of a game like Neurovoider or something action packed.

My Conclusion

So what do I conclude? Semispheres does a great job at accomplishing it’s task. It is a fantastic little puzzle game and it is a nice addition to the puzzle genre. There isn’t a whole lot to the game but is definitely something worth picking up if you are looking for something to spend your money on.

Well done.


  • Gameplay
  • Artstyle


  • Since it is relaxing, it gets boring/li>

Score: 6/10