RIVE: Ultimate Edition Nintendo Switch Review

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What is RIVE: Ultimate Edition?

RIVE is a twin-stick action adventure where you take control of the pilot of a spider tank and your goal is to traverse through a space station that you happen to come upon. A big thing about RIVE is that it is tough and sometimes brutal! RIVE also throws in jumping, gravity bubbles, and moving trains to add to the game mechanics and also the environment.

You will find yourself being swarmed with enemies and the boss battles are intense. Oh, and you will be dying, a lot. A nice thing I have found in RIVE is that the campaign likes to throw a lot of different scenarios at you. For example, one section disables your main gun and another disables the ability to aim your weapons.

Overall, RIVE: Ultimate Edition gives a fantastic sense of intensity and is one of the best twin-stick shooters on the Switch. The art and game design is also fantastic. I found myself exploring the levels just to admire the art. The game mechanics are perfect. I never had any issue with the control schemes, some games we have come across on the Switch have great mechanics but the controls seem slightly “off”, this is not the issue for RIVE. A downside of this game is that it can be difficult. If you typically do not enjoy difficult games, you might want to stay away.

Score: 9/10

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