RIME Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

RiME has finally come to the Nintendo Switch after many delays. You play as a boy who washed up on the short of a deserted island. In RiME, the main focus is figuring out what is going on. Who is the boy, who is that mysterious figure watching you from a distance? The bad news of RiME on the Switch is that it has some major technical issues.

RiME consists of exploration with little to no guidance. It gives you subtle cues, but mainly, you have to figure it out yourself. You will come across many puzzles of many types. RiME is a lovely game with massive environments. The art style is appealing, and it has great music for an engaging experience.

Unfortunately, as said above, the game has major performance issues on the Switch. The graphics are extremely fuzzy in handheld mode. The exploration and puzzles work better in certain parts of the game over the others. Other than those complaints, the game has lovely visuals, large environments to explore and some creative puzzle ideas. While playing RiME, I get the feeling of wanting more!

Score: 6.5/10

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