Pankapu Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

What is Pankapu?

Pankapu is an action, platforming adventure game where you play as a hero who can change forms to solve puzzles, and defeat enemies and bosses. The art style of this game is fantastic. There is tons to dig into the game to find more information about the characters and artifacts you find. The main draw to this game is obviously the art. The design team did a fantastic job at creating a world for us to explore.

Issues start to arise though when it comes to game mechanics. When playing through the story, you will find that checkpoints are frustratingly random. You will find that one is super easy to find and then the next might not happen for way to long down the road causing you to have to reset back and do it all over again if you die (which you will). The heroes might have all the flair when it comes to visuals, but combat seems stiff.

Overall, Pankapu is a lovely game, but it just seems to fall flat. The art style is the main selling point of this game, which is nice but gameplay is what truly matters. Unfortunately, Pankapu is not worth digging into unless you are an absolute lover of old school action platformers I guess.

Score: 6/10