Ninja Shodown Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

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What is Ninja Shodown?

Ninja Shodown is a every man for himself arena brawler. The Switch already has a ton of great games to play with your friends. Ninja Shodown is another one of these, but does it meet the expectations of all the others?

Ninja Shodown lacks replayability and acceptability of controls. When playing it with friends you will feel like everything is moving so fast and none of it is skill based. Once it comes down to 1v1, that seemed like it took a little bit of skill. But if have one of those friends who likes to just spam buttons, good luck winning.

Visually, Ninja Shodown does not disappoint. I quite liked the art style even though it looked a lot like old flash games (but is that a bad thing really?). All characters are the same character with different color outfits on. I would’ve liked to see different builds of ninjas or something along those lines.

Unfortunately, nothing feels refined and everything moves way too fast. If have a bunch of friends over and you are chowing on some pizza trying to burn time until the game comes on, then this game might be fun to bring a smile to your face, but it definitely won’t become a staple to your Switch gaming experience.

Score: 6/10