Mr. Shifty For Nintendo Switch Review

What and who is Mr. Shifty?

Mr. Shifty is an expert thief and a master at infiltration. He can get inside any place using his fists and teleportation. Even though he is a master at infiltrating, this game is not exactly a stealthy game. I mean, you can play stealthily if you would like, but Mr. Shifty is meant to be a speedy, kung-fu brawler and about mastering your teleportation. Lure your enemies into traps and trick them into shooting each other. You can then activate your slow motion power to dodge when things get to hairy, because one hit and you go down. Yes, one hit and thats the restart button you’ll be heading for. Ok, it’s not too bad. When going through doors, they act as checkpoints.

What are my thoughts?

So yes, the first few levels are fun and entertaining. Yes the controls and the concept is very fun. Yes the game throws some fun and difficult challenges at you, but there is an obvious caveat to these positive things. The game gets very dragged out towards the end. At the point of writing this, I am on level 15 of 18 and honestly I find myself having a hard time picking Mr. Shifty up to complete it. If it had other game modes like endless mode, beat the timer or high score, then the game might have some replay value. But unfortunately it falls flat. Also the story is way to drawn out. Yes there are some comedic moments that liven up the storyline, but overall it falls flat as well.

This game was released on April 13, 2017 and it released for Mac, Linux, SteamOS, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch by Team Shifty.

You can find the game here:

Team Shifty

Mr. Shifty eShop


  • Awesome concept
  • Great art
  • Great controls
  • Challenging at times
  • Genuinely entertaining


  • Lackluster story
  • Drawn out longer than it should’ve been
  • Needs extra game modes

My Score: 5.5/10

Overall, if you are looking for a game to occupy your spare time, this is a great one to purchase. But if your looking for a long term game, you might want to look else where.