Moon Hunters Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

What is Moon Hunters?

Moon Hunters is a very different action RPG that I have ever played. It comes with a massive amount of narrative content that most action RPG’s don’t seem to have anymore. This one is more about the characters you choose, the people you meet and the places you visit rather than stats you assign to your character. There are attributes you can pick, but those mainly affect your personality each time you play which will lead to different outcomes and interactions.

Moon Hunters is not strictly about beating the game on a single run. It is about unlocking new experiences throughout your gameplay experience and running it again to see what is going on within the world. Moon Hunters has a rich narrative world that is full of connected choices to be made. There are a total of 7 character types and each of them have a certain play style. If you get bored, you can always grab up to 3 of your friends and roam the world together on one system!

Unfortunately, due to the repetitive nature of this game, Moon Hunters can get rather boring if you decide to replay it to find new experiences. Also the loading times can be pretty rough.

Overall, Moon Hunters is a great game with a great narrative. It is perfect for players who love diving into a world and trying to figure out what is going on with each and every person. If you are a speed running type who wants to beat the game and move on, you might as well move on with Moon Hunters as well, because it is not for you.

Score: 8/10