Minecraft Story Mode Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

What is Minecraft Story Mode: Season One?

Minecraft Story Mode is a narrative driven game developed by TellTale games. They put out games that are driven directly by the story and the players choices. Their topic of games consists of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Minecraft, and many more. Minecraft Story Mode is just like the title says, it is a game written by TellTale that is based around the Minecraft universe. It has been released on other platforms but this is the first TellTale game to be released onto the Nintendo Switch.


What makes Minecraft Story Mode so great?

This game is story driven. Even though there isn’t much gameplay and it is mainly cinematic, you still feel enveloped into the game and you want to keep playing. The game is separated into 8 episodes in its first season, with each episode ranging from 30 minutes to an hour of gameplay. So the game isn’t terribly long, but it is well worth the time spent. Each choice you make effects the game in a unique way. This allows the player to think about “What would have happened if I chose that I wonder?”, then you play the game all over again! And best of all, it runs fantastically. I am tired of seeing ports to the Nintendo Switch that are buggy and rushed. I have found no issues whatsoever with the game’s specs.

What makes Minecraft Story Mode NOT so great?

Now this is depending on the player, but the game could get boring due to the lack of gameplay mechanics. One could get bored of cinematics, quick time events, and slight exploration.

My Conclusion

So what do I conclude. For me, I love the TellTale games. I think they are fantastic. I always search for story intensive games and this one, even though it is very focused for kids and the Minecraft universe, I still love it. I am so glad I got to experience this game. I have never played the Minecraft edition of a TellTale game, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far.


  • Great Art, fits right into the Minecraft U
  • Great Story
  • Controls
  • Audio/Music


  • Can be boring if you don’t like cinematics

Score: 9/10

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