Mantis Burn Racing Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

Racing games lately have been dominated by hardcore titles like Need For Speed or Forza, but old school racing titles consisted of top-down style racers. This is where Mantis Burn Racing comes in. If you are a fan of drifting racers, Mantis Burn Racing is just right for you! As you move through the ranks, you will need to refine your skills to become the top racer in the league!

You need to master your drifting around tight turns to be able to surpass the competition. The controls feel smooth and it is very satisfying hitting a turn perfectly to blow past an opponent. The maps are designed well with different inclines and surfaces to traverse through. An issue we found is that the career mode can be a little repetitive and drawn out.

Overall, Mantis Burn Racing is a wonderful title that hits that arcade racer spot. The controls are the highlight of the game for sure. Being able to hug tight turns perfectly and squeeze past opponents is oddly satisfying. With the only main negative being that the career mode can feel repetitive, but co-op mode being an awesome experience, allows this to be a title that every adrenaline junkie should have.

Score: 8/10

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