Letter Quest Remastered Nintendo Switch Review

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What is Letter Quest Remastered?

Letter Quest Remastered is a word game that is mixed with RPG elements. You will try to tap into your biggest and best vocabulary words to defeat monsters. There is a variety of gear which includes weapons, books, and all kinds of things to help you get through the game.

There are boss levels and you can repeat the levels on harder difficulties. I normally don’t like to compare similar titles, but doing so in this instance will help with understanding. There happens to be a similar title in the eShop named Spellspire released by 10tonsLtd, and the concepts of the games are similar but the executions are different. In Spellspire, the main challenge is that there is a timer during combat making you scramble to make words. In Letter Quest, however, there is a minor timer with the focus on effects of the letters you choose.

Overall, Letter Quest Remastered does a good job at holding its own on the eShop. There are many strategic areas in the game, the minor timer with the focus on status effects fits well, and the monsters and bosses add a nice level of difficulty. Unfortunately, the UI can be a little weird in some places and the RPG upgrade elements can feel overwhelming.

Score: 7.5/10

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