Knight Terrors Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

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What is Knight Terrors?

Knight Terrors is a “endless runner” type game with retro style gameplay, design, and art style. The best thing about it is the budget-friendly price. Even though this is a endless runner style of game that include killing and power-ups along the way, it also is a bit of a Flappy Bird style of game. There are different types of game modes that change the style of game mechanics you feel like using at the time. The game does not reach for the stars, hyping itself up to be the best thing ever. It is priced as a time killer and it plays like a time killer. You play as a retro style knight who runs consistently to the right, slashing anything in his path and flying over obstacles. It is obvious that Knight Terrors aims to be a “Beat my high score” kind of game.

An issue with the game is that it isn’t very deep and does not change as you progress through the new modes. But, this also cannot be a bad thing. The game is priced at $4.99 and does not aim to be the next Legend of Zelda. It is quick, fun, and extremely challenging. We thoroughly enjoy picking it up time to time and giving it a go.

Score: 8/10