King Oddball Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

What is King Oddball?

The team over at 10 Tons has been busy pushing out titles for the Nintendo Switch. While the majority of them have been twin stick shooters, King Oddball is a new take on some Nintendo Switch titles. It takes hints from Angry Birds and it is a one-button physics type game.

There is not much story to the game, but you are in control of King Oddball who is determined to throw rocks at military equipment, which you throw the rocks from your tongue, makes perfect sense. The difficulty of this game progresses nicely as you try to take over the world by destroying it. The game is very casual with a little bit of frustration. King Oddball is very budget friendly and it provides a lot of content for you to play through. Unfortunately, you might not be able to find yourself playing it through the night, but thats why it fits on the Switch. It is something you might want to pick up and play at the doctors office, or on the train to burn 15 minutes of your time.

Overall, the King Oddball is simple to understand, cheap upfront, and can be challenging at times.

Score: 6/10