I and Me Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

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Now to the review!

What is I and Me?

I and Me is a cute, relaxing, puzzle platformer where you control two cats simultaneously. The two characters do the exact same action at the exact same time. Your goal is to manage them both at the same time. With a total of 92 levels there is plenty of puzzles to keep you entertained.


What makes I and Me so great?

As stated above, this game is very relaxing and very cute. There is a slight difficulty to it, but it isn’t too bad. I mainly pick this game up when I want to play a little bit of a thinking game but I don’t want to get frustrated. So I think that is what makes this game great, it is definitely relaxing especially with the soundtrack. The game mechanics in the game gets a little boring over time, but the devs like to throw a lot of different puzzle techniques at you

What makes I and Me NOT so great?

There isn’t much to I and Me. The concept starts to get a little repetitive over time. So I ding myself picking this up when I want to burn a small bit of time mostly.

My Conclusion


  • Artstyle
  • Relaxing gameplay


  • It gets repetitive

Score: 7/10