Crimsonland Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

What is Crimsonland?

When I was younger, I was addicted to this old flash game called Alien Shooter. So when I got my hands on Crimsonland, I was in shock because it plays a whole lot like it! My nostalgia was through the roof! If you have been following 10tons’ work on the Switch, you will find a whole lot of twin-stick shooters. Well, Crimsonland is another addition to those, this one is a little bit different. Crimsonland is a more carnage, survival based game rather than objective based.

You play as a lone survivor who needs to rid the area of creatures and monsters. You need to pick up a variety of weapons and power-ups to be able to survive. Once you complete the initial levels, the survival mode is where the real fun is at.

Crimsonland won’t win points because of its story, but it definitely holds itself up with the challenging twin-stick survival modes. Overall, Crimsonland is a great solo experience and an even better experience with up to 3 friends. There is an amazing amount of weapons to choose from and the power-ups list is perfect. The graphics are a little out of dated, but they are able to be looked over.

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Score: 9/10

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