Bulb Boy Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

What is Bulb boy?

Bulb boy is a disgustingly cute point and click indie game. You play as a little boy with a light bulb as a head. His house has been over run with nightmares and it is up to him to save his grandpa. That is about it to the story. The rest of the game relies on its art style and puzzles. You traverse room to room trying to figure out the proper way to solve the issue at hand. Some times its a locked door, some times its a hungry spider in the way, or sometimes its a giant poop worm coming from the toilet that wants to kill you. Yes, you read that right. Like I said, this game is disgusting. I love it.


What makes Bulb boy so great?

Bulb boy is awesome in the art department. The visuals some how find a way to please the eye but hurt the stomach. When I was doing the poop monster part, I couldn’t help but admire it yet I was so disturbed. I think it has to do with when you defeat these “creatures”, bulb boy just smiles with pure joy and gives a little “woohoo!”. It is so pleasing. The story is subliminal but you find it unnecessary. Everything about it is enjoyable.

What makes Bulb boy NOT so great?

There isn’t much I have gripes about. There were a few sections of the game where I felt like it was too slow. For example you play as the grandpa in one section and every minute or so, he would have to take a break an you would have to spam a button to “energize” him.

My Conclusion

So what do I conclude. I can overlook the parts I mentioned above, because I thoroughly enjoy Bulb boy. I think it is one of my favorite Switch games thus far!


  • Great Art
  • Great Soundscapes
  • Fine controls


  • Can be slow at times

Score: 9/10