Beach Buggy Racing Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

Beach Buggy Racing is a nice arcade style racing game, but with the colossal Mario Kart in the way, how does it hold up? On the surface, Beach Buggy Racing has nice customization for your buggies and also your driver. Starting with the graphics, overall the game looks better in handheld mode surprisingly. But when you run it in docked mode, everything seems kind of “blown up” and slightly “dated”. Beach Buggy Racing at least plays smooth!

There are a couple of things that start to drag Beach Buggy Racing down. For example, the controls feel rushed or confusing. Items and the skills are implemented pretty poorly, and the music is definitely annoying in my opinion. But as a website that focuses on co-op gameplay between a couple, racing games are things that we love to pick up. And actually, Beach Buggy Racing achieves this for us. Even with all these downsides, it still accomplishes to bring out some competitiveness between us.

Overall, Beach Buggy Racing does have several downsides: controls are poor, items and skills feel worthless, and the music is annoying. Even though there are flaws, it does bring out the competitiveness in co-op mode, there is a wide variety of tracks and the customization options are a nice touch.

Score: 6/10