Astro Bears Party Nintendo Switch Review

*Product Received by Developer*

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What is Astro Bears Party?

Astro Bears Party is a competitive party game where you play as a bear dressed in a space suit. Your goal is to perform dashes, fly with your jetpack, and cut off your opponent with your magical ribbon.

The game is portrayed in a quite silly way. At first glance, I kind of shook it off as shovelware. But as soon as I brought Ashley in and we started to play versus mode, it clicked. Within seconds we were screaming at each other and laughing our heads off.

The game mechanics consist of maneuvering your bear to draw a ribbon around a planet (small, medium, or large) to cut off the other players. This game can be played with 1 to 4 players. If you play single player, your goal is to collect jet fish without running into your own ribbon. So Astro Bears Party is a mixture of tron style gameplay and snake.

Astro Bears Party is $4.99 on the eShop, and I think that is a steal. This is a perfect small party game and everyone can enjoy it at whatever age level.

Score: 8/10